Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Addicted to stash baskets

I'm addicted to stash boxes there simple single crochet so great for learning or beginners & plain without the added flowers are equally as lovely & can be used to stash anything!

Blue & pink Flower stash box great for little girls bedrooms bobbles or nails varnish.

Another perfect little girls bedroom stash box, pink & purple butterfly with lilac 100% cotton yarn.

Love this stemed flower stash box (my very 1st stem & petal flower)

Red & Black stash box made for a friends kitchen.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hi and welcome to my first EVER blog!!! wow i'm a little scared to be honest hoping i don't make mistakes, but i suppose thats how you learn so here goes....

Well i started crocheting some years ago but to be honest it was just scarfs & little flowers which really never progressed to much??? but...since doing my 1st large project (blanket) i wonder why i never started with this in the first

This was all thanks to youtube & mikeysmail Fabulous teacher for those like myself finding it hard to follow patterns, He also as website The Crochet Crowd I follow him on facebook under the same name....well chat later x