Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Addicted to stash baskets

I'm addicted to stash boxes there simple single crochet so great for learning or beginners & plain without the added flowers are equally as lovely & can be used to stash anything!

Blue & pink Flower stash box great for little girls bedrooms bobbles or nails varnish.

Another perfect little girls bedroom stash box, pink & purple butterfly with lilac 100% cotton yarn.

Love this stemed flower stash box (my very 1st stem & petal flower)

Red & Black stash box made for a friends kitchen.


  1. Ooh they're lovely! I bet they make great pressies - and I love your flowers - very clever! x

  2. Thank you Dawn, they are great for pressies i do alt of flowers, think it's because they don't take long & make up so nice, also attach to anything! x x

  3. They are lovely, what a great idea,very pretty !! xx